Watch: Viral short-film shows beauty behind KZN lockdown

Published Jun 18, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Two KwaZulu-Natal based filmmakers saw an opportunity to document and capture the lockdown by producing beautiful footage of Durban and surrounding areas.

The pandemic has brought sights never-before-seen, with a swift reduction in pollution, vacant cities and thriving nature, images quickly surfaced on social media of the clear Venice canals or the unusual sight of the Himalayan Mountains from northern India.

The two filmmakers jumped to the opportunity, rushing to get things going as one of the filmmakers, Timothy Hay, said “Hours of phones calls, extensive emails sent and permits coming out of our ears, Simon Mulholland and I, finally set off into the unknown and began filming across KZN. The more footage we gathered, the more compelled we became to share the incredible sights of Durban and surrounds, with you.”

Along with the amazing visuals, the short-film, titled ‘Perspective’, comes with a deep and positive message. Taking inspiration from Nelson Mandela, saying the legacy left behind is “shining as a beacon of hope and healing and as a potent reminder of the power of the human spirit to overcome impossible odds.”

“When we look at a new life beyond Covid-19, we need to make the right, responsible choices and take a good hard look at our current lifestyles. This pandemic is as much about re-aligning our understanding of the world as about finding some hope amidst the chaos. There is a definite opportunity for a hard reset and a chance to realign our priorities as people, a nation and a society” said Hay.

The filmmakers hope their video touches each and every person, encourages them to see the current challenges that lie in front of us and turns it into an opportunity.

“Let us not focus on all the negative animosity going on in the world, simply pause for a moment, take a step back and see things through a new perspective.”

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