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In the ever fast paced corporate environment where long-winded meetings, never-ending email threads, impossible deadlines, frustrating co-workers - it has become even more crucial to have a physically active release.

All things in the workplace that build aggravation, cut productivity and drive up dissatisfaction levels.

Working out – before, during or after work – can play a huge role in relieving this stress and improving concentration, mood, memory and creativity.

Some studies are even suggesting that working out is so intrinsic to success at work that it should be considered an essential part of the work day.

National Product Development Manager at Virgin Active, Ceri Hannan, says that mental wellbeing is as much a crucial product of working out as the physical fitness elements, adding, “The right programme can make you calmer and happier as well as fitter and the consequence will be a much more positive and productive time at work”.

Hannan suggests five possible ‘stress-buster’ workouts that will get rid of the office blues:


High Intensity Interval Training will quickly eradicate pent-up frustration by forcing you to focus all your energy and emotion on working through six core movements for a full body workout.


If high intensity isn’t your thing, try yoga or pilates. These calming workouts are for all fitness levels and focus on relieving physical and mental stress while strengthening your core muscles. You’ll walk out feeling lighter and tension-free.


It is the perfect class for losing yourself and forgetting the woes of the world. New and exclusive to Virgin Active, this LA-born, rock-inspired workout uses lightly weighted drumsticks called Ripstix® to transform drumming into an extremely effective and unique full-body workout where instead of listening to music, you become the music.


If your challenge is to get your racing mind to switch off then the pool is the best place to be. For a moderate intensity workout, swim two laps, taking a breath on every third stroke, before resting at the wall if you need to.


Cycle your stress away with a 45 or 60-minute Ride class. The fast-paced indoor cycling will deliver maximum results in minimal time. It’s a super-toning workout with upbeat music to drive your pedal stroke.

(Adapted from a press release)