Xolani Gwala. Picture: Supplied

It's been a little of over a weak since 702 radio personality returned to the airwaves, nearly a year after taking a break following his cancer diagnosis. 

Speaking to fellow presenter, Azania Mosaka, before his return, Gwala, who is currently in remission, opened up about his ongoing journey to recovery.

Last September, Gwala announced his cancer diagnosis on air and revealed that he would be focussing on health. 

Speaking about the progress he's made over the past year, Gwala said: "Whatever the doctors set out to do in September last year when I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, they have achieved all of those goals".

Doctors discovered cancer in Gwala's liver first and traced it back to his colon. Gwala underwent a series of operations to resect the cancer. 

Speaking on the multiple surgeries Gwala has had to endure, Dr Omondi Ogudi (Gwala's oncologist) says the biggest challenge was the liver resection performed by Milpark Hospital surgeon Thomas Marumo.

Ogudi explained that this was the biggest challenge, and the positive outcome is a testament to Gwala's strength.

Gwala said that one of the saving graces was the fact that he is incredibly healthy and that is an important part of the journey. 

Doctors removed a large part of his liver and were able to do this because his heat and lungs were in good shape.

"The reason why he (the doctor) was able to do that was because (the) other organs are perfect because I was fit and they would be able to cope with the strain. And make up for the fact that you have taken out this huge part of the liver," Gwala explained. So to be fit, in a way saved my life." 

Gwala is currently back on the air-waves filling in for Joanne Joseph's Afternoon Drive.

Watch the full interview below.