Young Khayelitsha entrepreneur starts farming during Covid-19

Published Jul 24, 2020



With the alarming job loss statistics due to the Covid-19 pandemic making it even harder to find employment, young entrepreneur Ncumisa Mkabile took matters into her own hands and started farming.

The 27-year-old initially started farming chicken but later decided on vegetables and chose spinach due to the cold winter conditions.

“I started farming in March and was selling chicken because there was a high demand for it.,” said Mkabile.

“After that my initial plan was to farm green pepper in September but I soon found that you can actually plant something in winter as your winter crop and that’s why I decided to go with spinach.

“Also spinach is easy to maintain and it can survive in our weather conditions,” she said.

Once her crop was ready to be harvested, she posted her business on social media and has received a great response.

“I get a lot of my customers from social media, so that’s where I market my business,” said Mkabile.

“I think other young people in my area should also step up and if they have an idea then they must start now, start small and gradually grow.

“Do not wait on the government to fund you, start with what you have and give the government something to work with.

“I plan to become a commercial farmer and produce vegetables that I can supply all over South Africa,” she said.

For more info, contact Ncumisa Mkabile on 083 334 0138

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