Young people share their Covid-19 experiences

Published Aug 14, 2020


DURBAN - Tired of lockdowns and eager to go back to their normal lives, young people in some countries have been contributing to resurgences of the virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has since pleaded with young people that they must resist their urge to party in an attempt of preventing new outbreaks of Coronavirus.

However, for three young people, the thinking that Covid-19 only affects the elderly became an eye-opener when they got infected and some had to care for their sick parents.

“At first I was sceptical of Covid-19. I am young, healthy and I didn’t think that this virus would affect me because it was mostly elderly people getting sick,” said

22-year-old Keegen Carollus from Belhar Cape-Town.

Carollus believes that he contracted the virus from a colleague who tested positive for Covid-19. They share the same workspace and transport to work daily.

However, Covid-19 soon became a reality for Keegen when he started developing symptoms including a cough, fever for three days, headache and a sore throat and was advised to quarantine as he had Covid-19 symptoms.

“I immediately became concerned because I live with my elderly parents who have chronic illnesses and I didn’t want to infect them. I immediately contacted the Provincial Hotline for assistance to quarantine safely. I was so happy to hear that my parents never had the virus because it would have crushed me if they contracted it because of me,” he says emotionally.

According to Carollus this was a wake-up call for him, that the Coronavirus can infect anyone and any age no matter your health status.

“I am grateful that I recovered fully in only 10 days. Now I wash my hands every 20 minutes and after I touch things, I am also more aware to wear my mask at all times and to social distance,” added Carollus.

Meanwhile, for Durbanite

Melisha Pillay, caring for both his parents who had tested positive for Covid-19 was a huge task.

“It has not been easy fighting this battle alone, after both my parents tested positive but I knew I had to be strong and not let my guard down because that would have put me in the risk of being infected as well.

“My father had severe symptoms, while my mother had mild ones. He couldn’t eat, I had to leave the food by the door, he would just look at it and throw it in the bin as he had no appetite,” said Pillay.

Although both his parents were Covid-19 positive, Pillay says it was his mother who encouraged his father to not give up and continue to fight.

“Because she had mild symptoms, she moved into the same room with my father and made sure he ate. Both of them are now Covid-19 free. For those going through what I went through, I advise them to allow being helped, the support and strength that they give you will help you go a long way,” he said.

Just like Carollus,

21-year-old Leah Jacobs from Grassy Park in Cape-Town also thought it was only older people who could be infected or even die from Coronavirus.

“I never really understood the seriousness of this virus but I started developing a sore throat. I have sinus complications and my chest at times becomes tight because of my asthma, but I immediately take my pump when it happens. I was asked to quarantine at home but could not because I share a room with my siblings. I was then moved to a quarantine facility in Durbanville,” said Jacobs.

Even though Jacobs was at a quarantine facility, her test results came back negative, she is now extra careful after her Covid-19 scare.

“ Now I always sanitise, wear my mask and I am more aware to keep a distance from others and stay indoors until this virus is gone so I can visit my friends again,” said Jacobs.

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