One man's clutter is another man's kingdom. To each his own. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Real people don't live in staged spaces. To get organised, you don't have to suddenly become perfect; you just have to figure out how to make your own reality more functional, predictable and logical for you and your family.

Mental Overload

I work with a lot of women, and some men, who are completely overwhelmed with managing their households, their children and their own lives. They may be working at home, primarily taking care of their children, or working part- or full-time. Regardless, they have packed and ever-changing calendars that can be almost impossible for even the most organised person to manage. 

Their spouses may work long hours or travel frequently for work, leaving them with most of the responsibilities. I always tell them this: Many people are struggling with the same thing,and no one does everything perfectly. Sometimes good enough is good enough.

Here are ideas of what to do when you are feeling overwhelmed:

  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier so you have time alone to map out the day and feel in control. 
  • Keep a bin of extra snacks and water bottles in the trunk of your car for when needed and to avoid packing them often.
  • Remove just two items from a a long to-do list each afternoon. 
  • And finally edit and limit what comes into your house. When you have less, there's less to clean up and keep organised.

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