Image: Wikimedia Commons

Spring Day is celebrated on September 1 in South Africa and while the weather doesn’t always seem to play fair we think it’s bloom time. But before you get that lucky lady an orchid, your local grocery is selling into the wrong climate, so we suggest you learn to tell your daffodils from your daisies. After all, buying the right flowers for your environment will ensure they thrive. 

With oxygen trending in the beauty world, why not get your daily dose for free – with the right desk or house plant. Maria Oliphant, the owner of Howdens Florist in Musgrave, Durban, and a representative from Life is a Garden helped us compile this easy-to-use guide on flowers that flourish in the spring. 

Spring flowers that are in season at this time of year: 

  • Tulips in all colours 
  • Daffodils Lilies Roses (which are always in season) 
  • Proteas and Pincushions (which are part of the protea family) 
  • Sweet Williams in pinks, mauves and white 
  • Daisies 
  • Sweetpeas
  • Arums 

From flowers wrapped in paper to resemble an ice cream, to Japanese style arrangements, there are always trends. Try your hand at these floral arrangement ideas from Oliphant and Life is a Garden that are sure to put the “spring” back in your step: 


Flowers in this style of arrangement are cut quite short and are displayed very close together. They are grouped according to colour and the variety of flower, including using different textures. Compact arrangements are ideal for bringing life to your dinner party table as they do not obstruct one’s view – guests can therefore chat away without needing to lean from side to side to see one another.


This is a modern arrangement that is created to be looked at from the front only. Long-stemmed flowers, such as gladiolas, are often used to create height and dimension. These work best as on stage displays or in the entrance of homes or hotels. 


The concept of this arrangement is that the design looks the same from all angles. The flowers are displayed in a simple and symmetrical manner which makes for a beautiful centrepiece. 


This style of arrangement uses a mixture of flowers that are colourful and diverse. They can be created according to customer’s varying tastes and placed in a basket to add a little rustic charm. 


Bunches of flowers in vases are a popular way to brighten up one’s home. Pick a variety of your favourite flowers, add some foliage and fillers, and you really can’t go wrong.