From heaters to cushions, rugs and even something as simple as lighting, any space can become a favourite winter spot for guests. Picture: Supplied

Cooler weather shouldn’t keep you cooped up indoors. Instead, embrace the season and snuggle up with a hot chocolate in your very own cosy outdoor space.

With just a few décor additions, you can create a winter wonderland in your own backyard, explains Alon Sachs, of Mobelli Furniture + Living,  indoor and outdoor furniture specialists.

Keep it soft

If you’re looking for new furnishings, keep with upholstered sofas and armchairs to ensure a warm and inviting space. Daybeds are also great statement pieces to add to your outdoor area, and can be paired with cosy hanging chairs.

Adding some choice décor items will provide the finishing touch. Soft furnishings are a simple way to add colour and cosiness to any space, while still serving the practical purpose of keeping everyone warm as the temperature drops.

Scatter a few cushions on your sofa or daybed to create a cosy look and feel, with a throw blanket or two. Guests love it when they can cuddle up in comfort while having a good conversation.

However, ensure any furniture or scatter cushions you invest in are covered with quality, outdoor fabric. It should also be mould and mildew resistant to withstand the harsh weather conditions in South Africa.

Choose versatile furniture pieces that are fully upholstered and will last you through the seasons. Look for pieces that make you want to spend time outdoors even though it’s chilly.

Invest in a coffee table for your guests to put those mugs of hot chocolate on. Look for versatile options, such as convertible or multi-functional pieces, which will allow you to transform them to suit your needs as the seasons change.

Add a gas heater, and some warm drinks, and your home will be a firm favourite among family and friends. Picture: Supplied

Spread the warmth

Rugs are also a great option to create a warm atmosphere and they will keep your feet warm during the colder months. Rugs add texture and colour to the space, often setting the theme for the rest of your colour and style choices.

Light up the area

For those chilly nights, create a warm glow with lighting and an outdoor heater. Lighting is an effective way to create ambiance in any space and can function as a decorative accessory during the day. Use fairy lights, LED orb lights or candles to light up your space at night, paired with a gas heater.

Tips for choosing the right heater for your space:

·         Look for a gas heater that heats up fast and that distributes heat evenly throughout the space.

·         Choose a heater that does not require installation and is economical to use.

·         Ensure the heater will be safe around children, pets and excited guests.

The key to entertaining outdoors in winter is creating a warm atmosphere, with outdoor rugs, scatter cushions and throws. Add a gas heater, and some warm drinks, and your home will be a firm favourite among family and friends.