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Do you have old tyres? Don’t throw them away, upcycle them as garden planters.

Used tyres are surprisingly versatile items that can be used to transform garden spaces. Often discarded, and difficult to recycle, these wonderful rings of rubber can be made into useful garden features with only a few minor DIY alterations.

From quirky and colourful planters to unique garden furniture, this list is filled with creative ideas for upcycling your tyres:

Hanging garden

Reminiscent of the tyre swings that children play on, a hanging flower planter is an eye-catching way to show off beautiful blossoms. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint and a few metres of rope to recreate the feature below.

Image: Pinterest


Gone are the days of terracotta pot plants being the only vessel for storing plants. Offering rustic charm to gardens, tyres are spacious enough to serve as a basin for container gardens. Painted and stacked, they elevate plants, making them the focal point of once dull areas. 

Image: Pinterest

Vertical garden

Don't waste vertical spaces, tiny courtyards and balconies can still have flourishing gardens. Tyres cut in half are the perfect basin for plants to thrive, secure them on to the wall and fill them with soil to create a unique and functional garden feature.

Image: Pinterest


Creating your own garden furniture from tyres take a bit more imagination, but the results are impressive. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to make your own:


Water feature

Tyres can be used to create stunning ponds in your garden. Here's how: