It’s that time of the year when the seasons start changing, meaning in with the new and out with the old. Picture: Pixnio

In with the looking as good as new. Professional organiser Bryony Stephenson has some tips to get your home spick and span. By Marchelle Abrahams

The days are getting cooler and the nights are even colder. It’s that time of the year when the seasons start changing, meaning in with the new and out with the old.

But times are hard and there’s no such thing as “oh, I’ll replace this,” so what do you do?

Professional organiser and home blogger extraordinaire, Bryony Stephenson, says there are a few hacks to make household goods look as good as new.

Here are a few of her tried-and-tested suggestions.

Discoloured bedding

When you change your summer bedding for your winter, remember to wash it to remove oils that have transferred from your skin to prevent bacteria buildup.

If your pillows or duvets are yellowing, drop some bleach in the wash. Remember to follow the washing instructions on the label.

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White bedding has a whole other set of rules. When it comes to stubborn small stains, Jolie Kerr from suggests applying a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the problem area and wringing the sheet out well. Then spray stain remover and use your finger to work out the stain.

Another tip is to use the extra rinse cycle to remove any lingering detergent residue.

Mouldy cupboards

Vacuum out your cupboards, especially high up ones where bugs like to nest. Yellow spots are an indication of damp, so give them a wipe with soapy water. says by using a concoction of ammonia, vinegar or tea tree oil, you’ll be able to eradicate mould, but the best solution is to prevent it altogether.

Replace mothballs

Replace all mothballs and damp absorbers. Be sure to write the date on them to ensure you replace them accordingly.

Don’t think mothballs are just for storing clothing - they have other uses as well. For example, if you have a problem with mice, just place a few mothballs in the surrounding area and those pesky rodents will seek out another home.

Another tip if the neighbourhood dogs and cats are using your lawn as their loo - just scatter them around the garden - animals hate the smell.

Want to keep your woollen garments in pristine condition? Dissolve a few mothballs in your final rinse when washing them.

Cold cycle

Have your curtains, throws, carpets and cushion-covers cleaned or wash them on a cold delicate cycle.

Joss & Main style director Donna Garlough recommends in a guest blog for never to tumble dry your throws as this will shrink them. If your curtains are silk, linen or synthetic, rather take them to the dry cleaners

Unblock drains

Put some BANG down all drains. This should be done every 3 months to prevent buildup, foul odours and costly plumbing fees.

If you do find yourself with a blocked drain, mix 1/3 of a cup of baking soda with 1/3 of a cup of vinegar in a measuring cup. It will fizz immediately, and pour down the clogged drain. The fizzing action will help to remove the gunk, hair, and grime that has built up.

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