You can be bold and create a feature by tiling a full wall or floor. Picture: Pixabay

You may have noticed that tiles have evolved over the years, and so has their popularity.

Available in a range of shapes, colours and textures, many homeowners are now using this durable material to update their homes. 

“I am always a bit loathe to use the word ‘trends’ when referring to tiles, as the word lacks a reference to longevity, and it is the exceptional durability and long lifespan of tiles that have made them the most popular wall and floor covering currently on the market," says Bathroom Bizarre's Johnny Lamprecht.

However, having reflected on what is currently in demand, Lamprecht has come up with a list of the top elements that are driving tile design and sales for 2018.

Bold patterns

Whether it is in mild neutrals, brights or contrasting colours – today, it is all about bold graphic patterns. If you are thinking of making a statement by including boldly patterned tiles, there is no better time than the present.


The sky is the limit with regards to tile shapes – today, you can find all sorts of interestingly shaped tiles, from diamond-, cross-, and most popularly, hexagonal-shapes and more. They can be used on their own, or in conjunction with the more traditional square or rectangular shaped tiles to add some visual punch to otherwise ordinary layouts.


Today, you can invest in porcelain or ceramic tiles with a terracotta print that are really hard to tell apart from the genuine thing.

Bright and beautiful

You can be bold and create a feature by tiling a full wall or floor, or an entire room in brightly coloured tiles.


Textured tiles have never been more popular, and they can be used to great effect to add interest and lift monochromatic schemes to create variation, colour depth and surface interest.

Wooden wonders

Wood-like tiles are durable, easy to clean, require no maintenance, and much more affordable than timber.

Nude neutrals

Neutrals never seem to go out of fashion – their long-term commercial appeal make them a great choice for tiles as they offer longevity of style. 

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