These sorbet colours will bring a cheerfulness to this year’s colour combinations. Picture: Supplied

Having the confidence to mix traditional and new colours that is best suited to each bathroom – regardless of shape or design is key. According to Marcia Margolius (decor blogger and author), on the home front you will start seeing the use of navy blues, powerful pinks and even minion yellow.

“For bathrooms in 2018, simplicity and playfulness is key.” A bathroom is no longer just the plain old basin, toilet or bath. Use your imagination and turn your bathroom into a space that has you feeling rejuvenated and is filled with style and beauty.
“Make full use of cladding for floors and walls. The very popular hexagonal design combination (including 3D depths) will add a playfulness element to your space. Make use of texture – with the warmth of wood and contrast with steel enameled basins – this will add a rich sense of tranquility, says Marcia.”
Andrew Taylor, managing director for Bathroom Butler says, “We’re very alert to international design trends and colours that influence the way in which we live. It’s great to see such positive trends extend further to our range of newly launched colour accessories, Rose Gold and Matt Black.”

Neutral accents combined with black and gold. Pictures: Supplied

According to Corina Gibson from Prominent Paints, “We are moving into a colourful phase in 2018. Think bright, bold and radiant”. Colours will range from statement black with deep tones of indigo to citrus tones. Other themes and colours that will make a visible statement in bathrooms in 2018 will include:

  • Pearlised colours such as mid-toned blues, purples and pink
  • Radiant colours such as sunny yellow, bright blue, hot red and lime green. These sorbet colours will bring a cheerfulness to this year’s colour combinations 
  • Neutral accents combined with black and gold
  • Soft muted pink to candy pink
  • Earthly tribal hues accented with clue or pink will create an interesting mix
  • Grey will continue to feature prominently next year.”

In conclusion, when decorating your bathroom, the colours you choose can transform a plain, dull room into a refreshing escape within your home so let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to play with colours.