Be brave and go bold with your bathroom transformation

Published Apr 7, 2021


Interior designer and owner of WillDesign gives us tips and tricks in 2021 to create a beautiful bathroom.

The Kit Kat Tiles: Skinny vertical tiles are all the rage. You can create the look with subway tiles – last year the trend was to lay them horizontally but this year we are going vertical and stacking them to create a “Kit Kat” effect. This adds a hint of art deco glamour and intrigue to a bathroom.

Stephen Pellerade of Pellerade Design House adds that full-wall cladding in artificial stone or resin is also a trend.

Embrace Blooms: Having a big statement wall with wallpaper printed with huge over-the-top blooms and foliage in your smallest room will make a bold impact.

This is not the year to be scared to explore colour and design and it’s certainly a good time to add a touch of quirkiness to the bathroom.

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The Guest Bathroom: This is your splash-out room. Use your guest loo to fulfil your biggest decor fantasies – do something you may be too nervous to try elsewhere.

Think flowered tiles, all-black walls or walls that are all mirrors. These powder rooms have become secret pocket rooms that give your guests a thrill when they discover them.

See The Light: Layered lighting is important. Think high-hats, sconces and decorative fixtures all in the same room. A chandelier in the bathroom might be an oldie but it’s still a goldie.

Picture: Taryn Elliott/Pexels

Think different textile shades juxtaposed beside each other. Get the lights on separate switches and always-on dimmers to create an atmosphere of allure.

Floor Fantasy: Accent tiles with geometric patterns work well on the floor. There is also a trend to replace traditional rectangles with other geometric shapes, such as hexagonal tiles.

Ceramic tiles that are printed with wooden grain can seem warm and natural without the problems of water stains on a real wooden floor. Another biggie for the adventurous is 3D flooring

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