It's probably one of the most eye-catching houses in Chatsworth. Picture: Zail Singh

It’s probably one of the most eye-catching houses in Chatsworth.

So The Post team called up the owner of this exquisite home to ask if they could take a sneak peek.

The owner, Joe Perumal, the owner of Trans Care Trucking, welcomed the team into his home (without having to check his diary), with a mere 24 hours notice.

One of the first questions The Post asked Perumal was why he chose to build this lavish home in the area, instead of moving to the more prominent areas?

“I am a Chatsworth boy. I grew up here. I was raised here and this is home.”

Perumal’s multi-million rand mansion extends over two properties, the second of which he purchased a few years back when his neighbour sold.

And while one might expect the living area to extend over both properties, this was certainly not the case.

The family tend to keep their activities in one part of the home.

“We love being near the children and sharing our meals and watching television together. We are a small family and do not need a lot of space. It just doesn’t make sense,” said the lady of the house, Janice.

The building also houses Perumal’s offices, pool, and entertainment area.

“I saw a similar design in a business magazine, which was actually a block of offices, and thought I would try it out with my own home. Even though I had an architect, the design was mostly my own ideas,” said Perumal.

Adding to the modern interior are motorised blinds, 24 hour surveillance cameras around the house and lights that go on at night and switch off in the morning.

“It’s easy when we go on holiday. I can operate everything from my phone,” said Perumal.

And while the family have everything at a drop of a hat, they share a different outlook on life.

Said Janice: “These possession belong to God. They can all be gone tomorrow. I always instil these values in my children and send them to government schools that Joe and I went to. Remaining humble is the key to every success.” - The Post