Choosing lighter and more natural colours for the walls and sofa will definitely ensure the room looks bigger. Picture: Supplied

For many singles and some couples, the bachelor pad is the most affordable option when it comes to a home to make your own. Whether renting or buying, the result is still the same – a small space for a lot of living.

Although a bachelor pad can be awkward when it comes to entertaining and having friends over, due to lack of space and privacy, there are smart ways to create dividing lines and create a different look of the space, using décor items.

Keep it neutral

Choosing lighter and more natural colours for the walls and sofa will definitely ensure the room looks bigger.

Make use of walls

Opt for a wall-mounted TV instead of a TV unit, as this will maximise the space of the area you want as the lounge area.

Pop of colour

Apart from larger items that we keep in mostly natural shades, add in colour with smaller accessories to brighten up the room. Black and white are also colours and should be brought in to the room if a modern twist is what you are looking at achieving.

Minimise clutter

Mirrors also open up the space by reflecting light. Hang a large mirror behind the sofa or in a strategic spot that will allow the room to look longer. In addition, instead of a central coffee table, rather make use of side tables or a wooden arm rest table.

Room dividing

One of the most important rooms in the house is the bedroom. This should be a private space, therefore an option to separate the bedroom from the other rooms, is to use a room divider.

Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes. A curtain rail with floor length curtain that can be pulled open or closed conveniently, is an option. Or perhaps you prefer to keep the space private, but still visible. This option calls for an open wall unit which can be moved to divide the space and hide a portion of the room. Within the space of the file divider, accessories like candles, books, plants and more could be used to fill the open spaces and still make the room look and feel modern.

One may also want to add screen style room dividers that also hide some of the room, but add a modern feel.

For those looking to create a smart space that truly encompasses uncluttered living, one may invest in a sofa couch that turns into the bed or perhaps, one may want to install a large screen to separate the rooms and on the opposite side of the bedroom, have a table top mounted to the screen with bar stools as an accessory, to create an eating area – so no need for a dining room table to take up any more space.

There are a variety of options when it comes to creating an illusion of a larger space, however if help is needed, visit an interior design store such as Inspired Design in Umhlanga that have Interior Designers in store to offer advice.

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