TAKE A SEAT: Sit-down hammocks are well suited to small properties, such as units in townhouse complexes.
As the small townhouse unit replaces the more spacious stand-alone home, hammocks have adapted by becoming more space friendly.

Midlands hammock manufacturer Graeme Joffe has adapted his Heavenly Hammocks range to include swinging chairs.

“Lots of people don’t have the kind of space, or ideal space, for hammocks, especially in complexes,” he said.

Colin Davison, whose Hillcrest business Dreamtime Hammocks also produces hammock chairs, recommends various uses for a sitting hammock, which hangs off one point.

“It can be used as a swing, a bed, or a chair, making it ideal indoor or outdoor seating,” he said.

Davison, who has been making hammocks for 20 years, said the hammock suited to suntanning had a spreader bar at each end and had a luxury look about it.

The sleeping hammock, without the spreader bar, is one in which one can lie on one’s side or curl up.

“People have been sleeping in these hammocks for centuries.

“They’re completely tried and tested,” he said.

Joffe has also adapted his chair hammocks to having foot rests.

“People said it was a hassle to bring their hammocks inside so we now supply them with carabiner hooks (using in rock climbing) and encourage them to unhook them from where they are hanging and store them away. This extends their lifespan.”

Joffe said the cotton the hammocks were made from did not weather badly in the harsh sun.

“It has a soft finish, it is comfortable, it breathes and it has a nice feel to it.”

When it comes to the more traditional lie-down hammocks, Davison designs them differently for different purposes.

TAKE A SEAT: Sit-down hammocks are well suited to small properties, such as units in townhouse complexes.

“Some are good for a luxury snooze and others are designed for suntanning. These are easy enough to hang between two trees.”

Davison also produces a wooden hammock stand, the Eazilay, which can accommodate a family hammock that can fit two adults and “a hammock-load of children”.

“It makes star-gazing an absolute pleasure,” he said.

Another feature of the Eazilay is that it folds up in kit form, making it easy to courier and, once set up, is easy to move around, said Davison.

* For further information, visit www.dreamtimehammocks.co.za and www.heavenlyhammocks.co.za