A study reveals that women are in fact the least likely to check the manual first.

It's been bellowed at men across the globe as they scratch their heads over a new gadget: ‘Why didn’t you read the instructions?’

But a study appears to have turned the conventional wisdom on its head, by revealing that women are in fact the least likely to check the manual first.

Men are far more inclined to pore through technical instructions on electronic devices and kitchen appliances.

Women, the young and the highly educated are most likely to give up and muddle through – or settle for never fully knowing how their device works.

Researchers from Queensland University of Technology surveyed 170 people over seven years on their use of instructions for everything from dishwashers to remote controls.

The participants read the manual only 25 per cent of the time, with women about two-and-a-half times more likely to ignore instructions than read them. Men were about 1.3 times more likely to do the same.

The study has won an Ig Nobel award, for research which makes people ‘first laugh and then think’, with the prize awarded at Harvard University.

The research concludes with a finding that most people already know – that ‘reading of manuals appears to cause annoyance and negative emotional experiences’.

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