Hi-Glo. Pictures: Supplied

Marchelle Abrahams takes a look at the newest colour and paint trends to transform your home.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt your mood instantly lift? It could be the vibrant colour of the wall or the pastel tone of a cushion.

According to colour therapists, colour is simply light of varying wavelengths, thus each one has its own particular wavelength and energy. So the next time you are thinking about brightening up a room or toning it down, think about the ambience you want to evoke.

Every year Kanzai Plascon release their global colour forecast. The trend prediction is one of the most anticipated releases of the decor world.

The colour specialist starts by looking at the global mood, and this year they’ve partnered with experts such as WGSN to put together their colour trend forecast.

“Every year we bring out a colour forecast, and it has four themes - each theme will appeal to different people,” says Claire Bond, Plascon brand ambassador and colour specialist.

“Whether you are five or fifty, the colours in each theme will resonate with you.”

Craft Spirit

“This what we would call monochrome, but in reality we would think of it as black and white,” says Bond.

Bond explains with Craft Spirit, it’s all about using hand made: “Wabi Sabi is very much part of this theme - it’s all about less clutter and simplicity.”

Craft Spirit

This trend pays tribute to unique heritage and showcases a blend of the universal and the personal through colour, pattern, texture and mementoes.

Colours include earthy browns, red base notes and watery blues.


“This is really about millennials. These youngsters break the rules; they’re out there challenging government policies - so the colours are slightly more clashing, rebellious and wild,” comments Bond.

She notes that she’s seeing a lot of this trend in East Africa where they have always used the flamboyant, wild colour combinations. “That’s why you see the purple and the lime green. It’s turning the colour wheel theory absolutely upside down.”

Hi-Glo. Pictures: Supplied

Millennials are using these combinations as the norm, but she observes that it’s not the case, and completely the opposite - “it’s a contrasting scheme which they ground with lavenders”.

This may be the reason why the Pantone colour of the year is Ultra Violet. Bond has a theory about this, saying, “Purple is very much about people seeking to save the world, rather than being in being in their ego.”

Exotic Euphoria

“Exotic Euphoria is all about going straight back to nature by reintroducing the balance of life,” adds Bond.

The theme is about greens and sky blues, while wild phosphorescent colours take centre stage. “Once again, it’s alluding to flaura and botanicals,” she says.

Exotic Euphoria

Grounded in nature, the palette is infused with technology to produce a range of supercharged botanical colours like luscious and fruity reds, oranges, limes and whites.

Soft Composition

This theme comprises of soft, gentle colours. It is a move towards a more classic, contemporary way of living. Bond explains that most people who are evolving towards a minimalistic lifestyle would be drawn to the theme. 

Soft Composition

For example, if you have a treasured art piece that you would like to display without the surrounding clutter, the palette of muted neutrals is the perfect choice. “It’s warm and inviting, and bears remnants of sweet memories,” stated the Kansai Paints Colour team.

Colours in this theme include red, pale blue and grey.