Pictures: Supplied by Bathroom Butler
Pictures: Supplied by Bathroom Butler

As trends continue to focus on minimalistic decor ideas, homeowners are forced to think "outside the box" for clever storage ideas that will not only be useful in the bathroom, but beautiful.
Bathroom Butler have made some suggestions based on their most favourite bathroom storage ideas.

When storing your towels, try folding them in four layers and then hanging on a heated rail – not only will this prevent a constant battle with keeping them in their place, but also dries them and it looks neater. Bathroom Butler has specifically made a heated towel rail (which by the way has been proven to reduce bacterial invasion on your towels by 1000 to 1), that keeps towels dry and hygienic and acts as a storage shelf for aesthetically pleasing towel storage.  

Toilet paper

I know, clunky, odd shape, stark white and the 1ply can look cheap…. We’ve actually found some really nice looking storage solutions for loo roll: 

1 A nice grass, wooden box or wire box

2 An old coffee bean bag

3 Tic tac toe


So these have a tendency to find their way into every nook and cranny of the bathroom... The trick is to have available storage options that can house each item but aren’t a pain to get to. Try mason jars, glass jars, covered tins, pretty trays and storage baskets. 


Floating shelves or crate shelves work wonderfully to store not only the necessities but also the décor items to use to bring colour, plant life and other décor items into your bathroom. Get creative with how you put these together – either stack, paint them or adorn them with bracket details that match your theme. 

Magazines and books

With these types of items left in a mostly humid climate, the chances are that they’ll start looking ‘old’ and tattered soon after they’re purchased so give them the best chance by looking at different storage options. 

Pretty magazine racks, wooden boxes or simply erecting a small ledge with a metal rail to hold the magazines or books in place. If you want to get really creative, scrummage around old scrap yards for window shutters or zinc baths that you can convert into great magazine racks that are original and appealing.


For those ladies who prefer storing their jewellery in the bathroom – this can possibly be one of the most frustrating parts of getting ready in the morning so be sure your jewellery is easily accessible. Installing moulding or old curtain rails is a great idea that will enable easy access to your bling and colour accessories or use pretty knobs and stainless steel robe hooks to keep your jewellery tidy and organised. 

You could also erect pre-treated and painted pieces of wood with funky hooks to hold earrings or necklaces and add character to the space. Ribbons are a great way to store stud earrings too.