Wood is a natural winner for benches. Picture: Pexels

London - The humble bench may not make a statement in the way a sofa or armchair can, but it's an incredibly versatile and handy piece to have around the home. 

Make use of their slim and long proportions to bring function to odd spaces in the hallway or on the landing; draft them into the living room for extra seating when guests stop by; or use an upholstered one at the end of the bed to boost storage and comfort.

If you're thinking specifically of the dining room or kitchen, go for a longer style (120cm or more) that can seat two or more comfortably. 

Wood is a natural winner for benches – you endlessly sand, re-finish and re-paint to suit your interior. 

If yours is bound to take a few knocks over its lifetime, go for a sturdy solid wood piece that comes assembled.