The most on trend colour for 2018 according to Pinterest

By Jacob Polychronis Time of article published Jan 1, 2018

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The new year may still be a few days away, but the most on-trend colour for 2018 appears to have already been revealed.

Home interiors across the globe are set to be splashed in the soft grey-green colour of sage, according to top global trend predictions by Pinterest and their Pinterest 100 list.

The list revealed the fastest-growing saved searches across the website, with the term 'sage' receiving a 170 percent boost from those looking for interior design inspiration.

Images shared to Pinterest show sage booming in popularity, as people adopt it as a 'new neutral' colour for their bedrooms.

The Pinterest 100 also predicted several other interior trends for 2018, including resort-inspired bathrooms, patterned plants and oversized artwork.


People are increasingly looking to bring vacation vibes into their bathrooms by decking them out in resort-style decor.

Rattan furniture, white tiles, indoor plants and decorative pebbles appear to be on the agenda for many bathrooms in 2018.

Saved searches for 'spa bathrooms' by pinners have received a massive 269 per cent boost, the Pinterest 100 reported.


Introducing a 'fifth-wall' is set to be another major interior design trend for 2018, according to Pinterest.

Saved searches for 'statement ceilings' by pinners have increased by more than 300 per cent.

Bold paint, striking wallpaper and intricate textures are all features which are set to make ceilings pop next year.  


Plants may add some life to your home, but they are increasingly being seen as design elements themselves.

Saved searches for 'patterned plants' have increased by a whopping 533 per cent, as pinners discover how they can incorporate some statement foliage in their homes.

The eye-catching prayer plant is set to boom in popularity, along with other vibrant and patterned foliage.


Bigger is better - in terms of artwork at least.

The incorporation of oversized artwork is set to be the biggest interior design trend of 2018.

Saved searches for 'big wall art' by pinners have increased by more than 600 per cent - more than any other design trend in the Pinterest 100.

Posters, paintings and photography prints that provide maximum coverage across walls are set to become common features in modern homes of 2018.  

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