When you're in a flurry of last-minute preparations for Christmas, keeping on top of the cleaning can fall by the wayside as you get distracted by present wrapping and decorating. 

But if you're expecting visitors over the festive season there are certain spots in your home that they're guaranteed to pick up on if they're not spick and span, according to Apartment Therapy. 

It's usually places that you become blind to on an everyday basis because you see them so often, but that people are bound to notice when viewing your home through fresh eyes.

You might not have time to do a full deep clean before the influx of visitors, but these are the areas to pay attention to if you want to give the illusion of a spotless house. 

Smells you don't notice

As you spend a lot of time in your home, you're used to how it smells - whether that's good or bad. 

So while you might not notice if something is a bit unpleasant, think about the possibilities as your guests will definitely pick up on it. 

Do you have a pet and have their bedding and toys been washed lately? 

Is the kitchen bin due to be taken out or is there some past its best fruit languishing in the bowl?  

A dirty bathroom mirror 

A few specks of toothpaste and the odd smear is unlikely to worry you too much, especially when you're busy rushing around doing other things or you only really look at it first thing in the morning when you're not quite awake yet. 

However, you're guest are guaranteed to notice, so make sure you give it a quick wipe down. 

Dusty skirting boards 

They're not going to be scrutinising every room, but the danger areas are in the hall where guests will bend down to take shoes off or in the bathroom. 

Light switches and doorknobs 

You're so familiar with your home that you switch on and off your light on autopilot without even looking at them. 

But that's not true for guests who will actually look at these fixtures and notice if they're looking grubby.

The same goes for door handles that will build up smudges from hands over time.  

A grimy shower curtain 

Any overnight guest is going to be using the shower, so this isn't an area you can neglect. 

Make sure to clean it or invest in a new one before they arrive. 

What's lurking in the fridge

Usually bad smells from the fridge are picked up pretty quickly. 

But things can spill or go off without smelling, so now is a good time to clear out the fridge if your guests are likely to be helping themselves. 

Daily Mail