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Trend alert: Dulux names its 2019 colour of the year

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Nov 16, 2018

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Nicki Ellis, founder of the eco- friendly nature-inspired homeware studio, Love Milo, is renowned for blending nature and style to develop on-trend designs. 

Having not only a local customer base, but an international one too, she keeps her eye on global movements in the interior space, to stay ahead of the creative curve.  

Whether you’re looking to add a splash of the "it" colour to your home this summer, or brainstorming a complete renovation next year, Ellis's take on the latest trends will have you fluent in all things "now."

Move over Millennial Pink

Think radiant orange, turmeric, lime green and coral colours. The Pantone Colour Institute has listed shades in "cravings" as colours that will tempt the eye, as well as the taste buds with spicy reds and rich purples.

Spiced Honey

Named colour of 2019 by Dulux and described as a warm cashmere shade, this is a really nice "user-friendly" colour that doesn’t require changing your entire furnisher collection to fit into a colour trend.  It pairs beautifully with whites, wood and even graphic prints.

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Meet Matte Black, the next ‘it’ colour

I think black is here to stay and matte black is perfect to contrast to most colours and shades this year. The matte colour is a welcome change to all things shiny and adds warmth and sophistication to a space. I’m seeing this used in bathroom finishes like taps,  kitchen cupboards and even floors.

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Blossoms and Brass

Bringing back the boho blossom

Forget low-energy patterns and traditional florals. Instead think botanical references in high-contrast colours and in splashes of oversized blooms which are gaining prominence in interior design.  

Lately, we are seeing bold, graphic floral prints in high-contrast colours such as black and white or teal and gold. I love the resurgence of the feminine in the big, confident florals, following a boho trend that's more causal.

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Brass is best

Like a piece of jewellery, brass adds the finishing touch to a room. It offers a welcomed shine to pared-down concrete, but is less shiny than gold, with a warmer and rustic look. 

Brass also works with nearly any finish in the home. You’ll see this trend mostly with kitchen and bathroom fittings, as well as home accents like pots and mirror frames.

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The Moon and the Stars

The sky is the limit–constellations and stars are currently super popular in both home and fashion.  Think sophisticated celestial statements, chic astronomy and zodiac patterns.  Whether it’s subtle motifs on homeware ceramics, to all-out galactic glory across walls, rugs and tiles, the cosmos is a delightful companion to all the currently trending colour palettes.

Japandi Minimalism and Sustainability

Meet Japandi Style, the new minimalism 

Japandi is a hybrid of the modern-rustic vibe of Scandinavian or Nordic designs and  Japanese minimalism.  

This style places emphasis on functionality, with only a few statement pieces. Beauty is coupled with practicality, so bringing  in your aesthetic with simple accessories like bowls, rugs and plants. 

I’ve always loved the values of the Japanese culture ( beauty, simplicity, appreciation, discipline, humbleness and kindness), and I think it’s important to connect with these values on a daily basis, so it’s great  if your space can be a reminder of this.

Go Green or go home

By now we are all aware of the impact our actions are having on the planet so expect to see a bigger burst of sustainable fabrics, such as hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and linen popping up in your larger retailers and not just in small boutique shops. 

Nature calls

According to this year’s Pinterest trends, searches for green décor is 100% up from 2017.  Nature is part of our make-up and people are loving the calming effects of having more plant life indoors. Not only is it better for our mood and wellbeing to have greenery inside our homes, but it looks good too. 

There are so many creative ways to incorporate the green aesthetic. Some ideas include  living walls, hanging succulents, boxwood and candles and indoor herb gardens.

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