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The world of interior design is lapping up the practice of wabi-sabi. But what exactly is it, asks Marchelle Abrahams.

We are constantly striving for perfection in an imperfect world. But what if you could look beyond that and see the beauty in defects and flaws?

The ancient Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi is exactly that, and word is that the interior design world is lapping it up.

The philosophy of wabi-sabi has been around for a long time. Wabi loosely translates as simplicity, humility and always moving towards having less, while sabi refers to the passing of time and the beauty and authenticity of age.

It is in the natural cracks in wood, the wrinkles in an ageing face, and the asymmetry of handmade pottery.

In a nutshell, it is the antithesis of a society built on throwaway goods and mass production.

“No matter your personal style, there is one key factor to nailing this trend for your home design: find the beauty in the not-so-perfect," added Etsy's in-house trend forecaster Dayna Isom Johnson.

It encourages creative expression, and the only rule is to keep it natural and effortless.

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Want to embrace wabi-sabi in your home? We’ve gone in search of key pieces that celebrate authenticity and the beauty of imperfection.

Get the look...

Think handmade items, rough wood, bespoke comfort and well-loved fabrics.

The base colours are whites and earthy tones with emphasis placed on natural materials, according to Apartment Therapy. Keep these in mind when shopping the look.

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Tuareg Cabinet

Dimensions: L 900mm | W 350mm | H 1400mm

Price: R9 995

Shop it: www.weylandts.co.za

Tuareg Coffee Table

Dimensions: L 1030mm | W 1030mm | H 350mm

Price: R5 995

Shop it: www.weylandts.co.za

Rustic TV Stand Large

Dimensions: 1500 x 450 x 670

Price: R4 950

Shop it: www.beetrootinc.co.za

Dreamweaver Bowl

Price: R599

Shop it: www.rialheim.co.za

Raw Wood Lantern

Dimensions: L27xW27xH51cm

Price: R19.99

Shop it: www.mrphome.com

Cherry Blossom Indigo wallpaper

Price: POR

Shop it: robinsprong.com

Eva Solo Self-Watering Orchid Pot

Price: R999

Shop it: www.yuppiechef.com

5 ways to incorporate wabi-sabi into your home

Decor blogger Kelly Weimert is on top of her game when it comes to trend forecasting. According to her, we will be seeing more of its effects in homes across the globe. Here are her 5 tips.

  • Incorporate the artisanal and homemade
  • Clear your clutter
  • Bring the outdoors in
  • Celebrate mismatched decor
  • Go back to basics