A video showing how to make most of your small space the has already attracted more than 200 comments. Picture: Pixabay

What's that saying about people with small spaces having big problems? It's a common problem for millennials living in small apartments or shared homes.

Buzzfeed Nifty has heeded the call and come up with some ingenious solutions to those tricky problems, like having no bathroom counter space or a cluttered work space. The struggle is all too real.

The video has already attracted more than 200 comments, with some users coming up with their own ideas on how best to utilize a smaller space.

"The first and the most important thing to do to make space is to have fewer items. Consume less. Be frugal. Buy only what you need, not what you want. Delay your purchase to see if you still feel the need to buy the item," posted one user.

Another said: "Buy for the space you have, not for the space you want."

"Never leave toothbrushes out in the open on the bathroom! Flushing toilet causes 'stuff' to fly through the air! Store cups upside down or use disposable," posted Eileen Lester.

Watch the video below: