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ISCA influencers and extraordinary design duo, Abiah Mahlase and Bradley Muttitt, explain their interpretation of this trend in a bathroom design, created for ISCA at Decorex Cape Town 2018.

How would you describe the ‘Indulged’ trend?

We would describe indulged as anything and everything that is ‘deliciously luxurious’. For us, indulgence is that feeling of being on the verge of ‘over-the-top’ but knowing that, for some reason, it just works.

There are some really beautiful elements in this design – from the blush velvet stool to the gold accessories and finishes. What was the inspiration behind some of these elements that you both chose to include?

The inspiration behind a lot of our DIY and curated pieces generally comes from the most unusual places and are designed to be inexpensive to achieve.

We thrifted our way through local scrapyards and second-hand charity shops for items that could be revamped, such as that fabulous blush pink velvet stool which we simply sprayed gold and reupholstered. 

The his and hers mirrored cabinet vanities were made from pet cages from a charity shop, which, yes, is an unusual choice but we believe that there’s so much beauty and potential to be found in the world around us – all you have to do is take a closer look!

Do you think this is an achievable look for others?

We believe the look is definitely achievable for people who simply want to inject a little luxury into their space, but don’t want to do too much or to spend too much for that matter. It’s on-trend and easy to pull off in a unique way (with a little imagination), and ideal for anyone hoping to add a touch of trendy sophistication to their bathroom.

What would your advice be to anyone hoping to recreate this look in their own home?

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The most important thing that any DIY beginner needs is a truck-load of confidence! Don’t be afraid to be bold and have fun, adding a bit of your own personality to your revamp. And secondly, when it comes to DIY, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Dare to be daring, different and bold. You can do it!

How would you describe the final bathroom design? What was your favourite part?

As indulgent designers by nature, we have to say that we love everything about the final bathroom design. We love how all the elements, the ISCA Tap Couture, the gold and blush pink decor accessories and the DIY challenges came together to create a space that we would love to spend time in, and one that’s worthy of the term ‘indulgent’.

Best and worst behind-the-scenes design moment – aaaand GO

We would have to say the worst behind-the-scenes moment was the stress of waiting for our bathroom accessories, such as the fragile chandelier and our ISCA taps, to land in Cape Town in one piece, but thanks to bubble wrap and prayer, all went well.