How to use fresh flowers to enhance your decor

A good idea is to add flowers that are colourful in a vase that is both strikingly beautiful and stylish. Picture: Pexels

A good idea is to add flowers that are colourful in a vase that is both strikingly beautiful and stylish. Picture: Pexels

Published Nov 23, 2019


If you are a lover of elegant interior design, you definitely know the impact a perfect floral arrangement can have on your home. 

It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces and makes your home the envy of your guests. Besides, there is no better way to add that welcoming and warm feeling to a home than decorating it with greenery and flowers.

To catch the eye of every visitor, you need to find the right combination of flowers and the vases you put them in. The two go hand in hand. Always have in mind the colour and texture of the flowers and vases in your home, not forgetting the arrangement styles. 

The fundamentals of interior design dictate that you get your methods of display right, then the rest will fall into place.

Below are eight tips through which you can successfully improve the interior design of your home using fresh flowers.

Add elegance to your staircase

In most cases, the staircase is a focal point in your living room; the first place guests set their eyes from the door. Which, then, is a better place to show off your arrangement prowess than the staircase? 

A good idea is to add flowers that are colourful in a vase that is both strikingly beautiful and stylish. Do you need suggestions? Well, a blend of green, purple, and red is not only a way to add freshness to your staircase but also a conversation-starter whenever guests come around.

Have your room colours in mind

The colours in your home - walls, furniture, and carpets - are part of your interior design and should never be ignored when deciding the colour of the flowers you install. 

Ensure that all the colors present are cohesive and suitable for each other. If your kitchen walls are greenish, for example, yellow flowers will work great. If you haven't decided on home decoration, there are tons of decoration ideas you can find while surfing the internet.

Take good care of your flowers

If your botanicals are not fresh, sufficiently watered, and properly tended to, they will hardly offer your home a lasting, genuine aesthetic appeal. Always take good care of your flowers. 

For what they are worth, leaving flowers at the mercies of pets and/or kids is unwise. Ensure that they are proofed from being knocked over or plucked anyhow. You can also increase the longevity of a bouquet by storing it in the fridge whenever you are out of town.

Play around with the display vases

As we mentioned earlier, the vases need to be as stylish as the flowers. We cannot emphasize this enough. However, stylish vases do not necessarily have to be expensive. You can always use DIY vases - mason jars, teapots, soup cans, and detergent bottles are all fantastic DIY vase options. Just remember to paint them as per your home’s colour scheme.

Don’t forget the bedroom

Your bedroom deserves to be as beautiful as the living room. As a matter of fact, having pretty flowers in your bedroom does not only accentuate the beauty of your bedding, bed, and bedside table but also boosts your mood and eliminate stress. 

Remember that your bedroom is where your day starts and ends, so you need it as satisfying and conducive as possible at all times.

Match the wall art

If you have a nature canvas wall art, remember to tie the colour of your fresh flowers with the colour of the wall art. If you don’t have such as wall art, maybe it is time to acquire one as it will make your interior design more appealing and organised.

Complement with greeneries

Green plants are part and parcel of any contemporary home design. They improve the circulation of fresh oxygen in the home, among many other benefits. And because you want the scent of your fresh flowers to reign supreme in your interiors, then the last thing you want is intoxicated, bad-smelling air. 

Also, herbal plants such as lavender and mint smell so well, complementing the flower scent. Lastly, live plants are beautiful for the eye when they are placed in the right places.

Remember the floor

Many homeowners limit their options to tables and sideburns. Don’t be like them. Your floor space needs to be beautified with potted plants as much as the tables. You can, for example, have a flower placed at the entrance to the hallway.

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