Origami is taking a front seat in decor and fashion.

Everything you need to know about boreholes and the transformation of origami.

How origami has transformed, fashion, food and decor

Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding has evolved into a masterful artistic genre, infiltrating everywhere from the ramp’s of high fashion shows to babies’ cribs and more.

Image: Sacha van Niekerk

All you need to know about boreholes

Domestic boreholes are the most recent addition to the growing eco-friendly and energy-efficient property trend.

Limestone chips are used to filter borehole water for drinking.

Sud's law: Here's how to wash the dishes properly

With millions now relying on dishwashers to clean our pots and pans, many of us have apparently forgotten how to carry out the task properly by hand.

Domestic gurus at the Good Housekeeping Institute say you should begin with glasses, before moving on to mugs and then cups.

PICS: Rocking the kasbah!

Exotic and bright, Moroccan decor trends are staging a comeback, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

COOL: Moroccan decor is rooted in Moorish architecture. Picture: Max Pixel

How flowers can change their colour

Some flowers have found a nifty way to get the blues. They create a blue halo, to attract the bees they need for pollination, say scientists at Cambridge University. 

Bees are drawn to the colour blue, but it’s hard for flowers to make that colour in their petals. Picture: AP