Quirky ideas to style your abode

Picture: Pixabay

Picture: Pixabay

Published Jan 30, 2019


Round sofas can be a chic way to bring the curvy trend into your home, and bold colours, huge patterns, bloomy patterns and brass decor can be included in the geometric pattern trend that can help in styling up your abode, suggest experts.

Interior Designer Mélange by Sangeeta Kapoor, Principal Designer Adetee Sawhaney, Altus Interio and Ashish Gupta, Director Inliving, have shared tips to jazz up your home:

Curvy designs

Round sofas will be the chic way to bring the curvy trend into your home. However, we will see floral patterns in a new way. For this timeless decor pattern, decor experts this year expect to find the proportions further exaggerated and colours in a more contrasting tone.

Bolder colours


Bold colours are more preferable compared to the muted ones. Even though muted color tones makes space feel more overwhelming, the richer hues can pop the decor in between muted furnishing and decorative. One can opt for dramatic reds, statement pinks, bold yellows, and organic greens.

Geometric pattern

Audacious colors, huge patterns, bloomy patterns, and brass décor will be included in the geometric pattern trend. This is a trend that can give a bold statement to any room decor. A chic and easy way to incorporate this pattern into your home decor is adding linear tosses.

Blush tones

Blush is the new neutral. Mingling matt finishes and neutral fabrics help to keep artisans look alive in 2019. Blush tones can go with any colour like grey, navy, forest green or citrine and gives the natural look with the calming palette.

Handcraft home furnishing

Handcrafted furniture, colours and designs inspired by their own culture and roots with an unmistakable stamp of their individual personality will motivate people's choices.

Bold and bright side walls

Increase in usage of bold colours like indigo blue, emerald green, ruby red on the walls, fabrics.

Dual purpose is in

There are many people who want a non-chaotic feel to space. Also, with space crunching issues globally, multipurpose furniture will never go out of the trend; especially coffee table, side tables and pouf.


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