Trend alert: Welcome to the dawn of maximilism

Pictures: Supplied

Pictures: Supplied

Published Dec 12, 2018


Inspired by Africa, Decorex SA reveals the revitalising trends to look out for in 2019 and beyond…

Surface tactility

Walls, fabrics and even counter tops are taking on a more tactile sensation through ceramic tiles, 3D printing and textured paint. New interior design materials - including grounded tiles, recycled plastics and materials - with more traditional materials – marble and granite – are all finding their place.

Ribbed surfaces

Textured ceramic wall coverings, wooden panels, velvet walls, and chrome cylinders will allow you to control the mood and tone of any room through this enfolded decor trend.

Rugs as wall art

Statement rugs are now moving from the floor to the wall, with quality fabrics and enchanting designs taking their righteous place in a visually captivating space. Draw the room together with a textured, hand-woven rug.   

Reinventing the arch

The traditional arch-style from the 1970s has been reinvented in entrance hallways, walkways and alcoves providing a soft space for the presentation of signature decor items.

Abstract art

Muted, natural prints, one-line sketches and asymmetric patterns with minimal definition are characterising the on-trend abstract art finding its way into 2019’s decor style. Complete the natural look with hand-crafted, wooden frames.

Mirrors and new circles

Circular shapes are coming to the fore, with stylised, straight lines used to contrast this smooth flow, while many are looking towards more imperfect shapes. Wood and glass are being incorporated into this Japanese Wabi-Sabi style, seeking beauty within the imperfect.

Mindful minimal

The Eastern-style simplicity is echoed in Mindful Minimalism which encourages the decluttering of a life in search of harmony. Rather than overconsumption and unconscious reaction, we are seeking introspection and conscious action. Lighter tones complete this space, envisioned in silence.

Japandi (or Japanordic) Style

Elegance meets minimalism in this Eastern-style trend that hints at wabi-sabi’s search for beauty in imperfection. Muted tones continue in this serene design which incorporates textured finishes – ceramics and woods – with Scandinavian clean lines anchoring this playful design.


There’s room for layering in 2019 as colour, patterns and texture combine in one fuller decor trend. Preconceived “clashing” colours, vibrant patterns and deeper hues – in Maximilism, more is more…but in small doses.

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