TV journ­alist Katie Couri­c in her modes­t veget­able garde­n, where she grows tomat­oes, eggplant, zucch­ini, lettu­ces and herbs­, at her home in East Hampt­on. Pictures: New York Times

You've been washing the dishes wrong all along; and everything you need to know about boreholes.

Sud's law: Here's how to wash the dishes properly

With millions now relying on dishwashers to clean our pots and pans, many of us have apparently forgotten how to carry out the task properly by hand.

Domestic gurus at the Good Housekeeping Institute say you should begin with glasses, before moving on to mugs and then cups.

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The bespoke vegetable garden, these days almost always organic, has become a particular object of desire.

All you need to know about boreholes

The trend is predicted to see unprecedented growth as drought continues to plague many parts of the country and a global water crisis threatens.

5 areas around your home that need to be childproofed

The most effective way to ensure your child’s safety at home is to take a baby’s point of view to look for anything that could pose a danger. And as your child starts to walk and climb you will have to re-evaluate your home.

How this empty nester created a home for one

Newly single and a recent empty nester, Georgetown decorator Michele Evans was ready to create a new home for herself.

The airy, welcoming first floor features a seating area with a Pottery Barn sofa, slipcovered in white linen. Picture: Jeff Wolfram/for The Washington Post