Vanya Mangaliso with models dressed in her colourful collection, perfect for the Polo. Picture: Karen Sandison.

The Inanda Africa Cup Polo Tournament revealed a glimpse of the lifestyle of polo with fashion this morning. When attending any polo tournaments, there’s a certain way in which you have to dress as a guest, one has to be “practical but fabulous” as JJ Schoeman would put it.

 To be comfortable is number one priority, wear something that you like and that suits you well. One has to always show classical beauty and style. Individuality is probably the big thing, you wear what you love, what’s beautiful and appropriate. Vanya Mangaliso of Sun Goddess showcased a few pieces which might be appropriate for races. Her bright collection consists of colourful coutures made of silk, chiffon and leather, which is what’s normally expected in most races, colour and fabulousity.

Vanya Mangaliso, JJ Schoeman and Helen Debois taking a selfie. Picture: Karen Sandison.

“Today we are showcasing fashion that is fabulous for the races because polo is so glamorous, it’s really entertained with fashion. Most of the people that come to polo events come in for the lifestyle, they want to be part of the glamorous lifestyle. Their clothes have to reflect that they’re happy, they’re bright, a little bit over the top but not outrageous”, says Mangaliso. 

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Race outfits are not the kinds you would expect to walk into the office with, they are colourful with a bit of fantasy. For a person attending races for the first time, Mangaliso advises one to go big on accessories because they make a statement.

Models looking colourful in outfits fit for the Polo. Picture: Karen Sandison. 

*The Inanda Africa Cup Polo Tournament will take place on August 20 from 10am-06pm. The tickets starts from R200, visit for more information.