Let it GLOW with this the unicorn trend. Image: Pinterest

Unicorns may be mythical but recently they've really come to life. Everything from food to makeup has been made over with an ethereal touch of magic. 

Here are six of our favourite unicorn inspired trends:

Toasted cheese

Your favourite childhood food turned unicorn. That’s right, rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches are now a thing. According to Pure Wow, you can try this food trend out by adding a few drops of different food colouring, one colour to each separated portion of cheese, to your sandwich. Tip: the whiter the cheese is, the brighter the food colouring will show up. Lastly, arrange the different coloured cheeses in rows on one slice of bread, close your sandwich, toast as usual and voila! Unicorn food!


You’ve heard of rainbow sushi rolls, now get ready for unicorn sushi. The Indigo Kitchen jumped on the trend wagon, creating this dish using natural food colouring from beetroot powder, turmeric, spirulina and the likes to stain the rice. Using natural colourants is a nifty way to add nutrients to your food whilst keeping with this trend.

Hot chocolate

This trend is about being completely over-the-top as seen in this unicorn hot chocolate created by The Feast. Decorated with marshmallows, sweets and sprinkles - it's almost too pretty to drink.  


Specialising in balayage, ombre and vivids, Juju Hair Lounge shows off how to wear the trend. The look perfectly embodies the magic of unicorns by using a variety of pastel colours that seamlessly blend together.


In 2017, it’s all about that glow and unicorn inspired highlighter is where this trend peaks. So why not swipe on some holographic highlighter the next time you go out? With a variety of highlighter and eyeshadow products, inspired by the mythical creature, this trend within a trend is catching on fast. (As seen on Total Beauty)


At your next manicure, make your statement nail a unicorn horn. According to Revelist, each horn is hand sculpted with devotion. But the look isn’t complete until holographic powder is dusted over the nail, giving it a glamorous gleam.