If you fancy following in Graces fabulous footsteps, youll be happy to hear hula-hooping is rocketing in popularity.

London - It was hard to pinpoint the most mesmerising part of 64-year-old Grace Jones’s Jubilee performance.

Was it her honed, oiled body, her outrageous corset - or the fact she could belt out Slave To The Rhythm while keeping a hula hoop expertly aloft?

If you fancy following in Grace’s fabulous footsteps, you’ll be happy to hear hula-hooping is rocketing in popularity, with Beyonce, Michelle Obama and Liv Tyler all having been spotted using one - which is not surprising considering hula hooping tones the back, abs, arms and legs.

Gyms across the country are offering classes, toymaker Wham-O has sold more than 100 million of them, and there’s even the world’s first hip-hop hula hoop performance in London on July 15.

So if you fancy having a go at home, pick a sturdy hoop and stand up straight, feet slightly apart. Twirl the hula hoop anti-clockwise with your hands and let it go. To keep it moving, rock your body forward and back with the hoop’s rotation.

Now all you just need to learn the words to Slave To The Rhythm... - Daily Mail