Make all of the plans yourself and try something that you’ve never done before. Picture: Pixabay

In our modern world of apps and dating sites, we’ve lost the art of seduction. Romance has become a lost art and wooing has become a term from days of yore. 

Time to tempt your current love or test your powers of persuasion on someone new!  Here are some divine ways of bringing more fun and intrigue into your love life:

Take risks

Ask out your crush or even your current paramour for an unforgettable evening out.  Make all of the plans yourself and try something that you’ve never done before.  

This can be as tame as trying a new restaurant – plant based foods are the latest food trend – or as daring as spicing things up in the bedroom without turning Fifty Shades of Red.

Put down the phone and pick up a pen

Imagination is the key to seduction. Why not mail a handwritten message to your partner describing HOW you’d like to spend your next date.  Remember, men are visual, but get his imagination going first.

Dress the part

Did we mention that men are visual?  Wear something special to tantalize your date.  It doesn’t have to be revealing to be sexy.  Red is a power colour and if you are the seductress, it will make you feel more confident either on top of, or underneath your clothes.  You’ll feel more special if you look your best and your guy will appreciate the effort, especially if yoga pants and hoodies have become your new uniform.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Seduction is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and will hopefully last more than one night.  If things do not work out exactly as you planned, just go with it!  Remember having confidence, a great smile and being yourself is sexy and so is having a sense of humour.  

If things really go off the rails, you’ll have something to laugh about later.

Be a good listener

Listen to your partner or date.  Did they mention that they love a certain food or wine?  Did they say that they hate candles or are allergic to strawberries?  Nothing spoils a mood like hives or someone who just isn’t into seduction because you set things up perfectly…for you.

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