Hudson's string of conquests include a few of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs. Picture: AP

Kate Hudson once drunkenly FaceTimed “every man” from her past, according to Bang Showbiz.

The actress is currently in a relationship with Danny Fujikawa with whom she is expecting a baby girl.

Her string of conquests include a few of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs.

She's been married to Chris Robinson and engaged to Matt Bellamy in the past, as well as being romantically linked to the likes of Owen Wilson, Dax Shepard, Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez.

Speaking at Popsugar’s Play/Ground event in Los Angeles, Hudson said: “One guy I FaceTimed 15 times. It was liberating because I had never done anything like that. I was that person that you couldn’t get drunk. As soon as I felt anything, tipsy, anything, I would be home.”

And this got us thinking. Sometimes you've had a few glasses of wine. You're nursing a broken heart after a recent breakup. What is the worst thing you've done where your ex is concerned?

So in the interest of keeping your dignity, we've come up with a set of rules should the need arise to call up an ex.

Rule 1:

Don't drunk text, drunk call, drunk tweet... ever.

Rule 2:

Do not declare your undying love for him or her no matter how many glasses of wine you've had.

Rule 3:

It might seem as a good idea at the time, but don't invite them over.

Rule 4:

Being a bit tipsy can lead to a string of confessions. Just put the phone down and get some rest.

Rule 5:

Why do you still have their number in your contact list? And, why are you still commenting and liking their Facebook posts? Just unfollow and unfriend.