Mahlobo-Ferro will also be hosting the seminar, set to take place on September 1. Picture: Twitter

A controversial poster has been doing the rounds on social media. Details of the "He cheats, you cheat" seminar were first posted by local author and motivational speaker Mandisa O Mahlobo-Ferro, who will also be hosting the event.

Set to take place on September 1 in Randburg, the event is said to be an empowerment course for women who have been cheated on. According to Mahlobo-Ferro's bio, she's been in the business of encouraging women to take back their power. 

Labelled as a seduction genius, she's been building a name for herself by calling on females to reject the idea of behaving meekly in relationships.

During an interview with True Love in December 2018, she explained that she's built a loyal fan base, and supporters now refer to her as MOM. "I don’t judge women at all", she said. 

"Mine is to listen to their problems and then tell them that in order to stop being taken for granted, they need to stop being too available, clingy and desperate. I also found that the one crime women are guilty of is neglecting themselves as soon as they get into stable relationships."

The poster has caused some serious diversion between the sexes for obvious reasons. Below are just some of the responses: