Coleen Rooney has learned to 'live with' Wayne Rooney's past mistakes - but hasn't 'accepted' them

Coleen and Wayne Rooney. Picture: Supplied/Bang Showbiz

Coleen and Wayne Rooney. Picture: Supplied/Bang Showbiz

Published Feb 10, 2022


Coleen Rooney has stayed with husband Wayne Rooney over his past indiscretions partly for their four kids, but also because they "still love each other".

The 35-year-old star - who has been with the former footballer since she was 16, and married to him for 13 years - admitted she and the ex-England star are "not the lovey-dovey type anyway", but she's had to "live with" the former Manchester United forward getting himself into "horrible situations", and she hopes they don't happen again.

When asked why she stayed with Wayne over the years, Coleen said: "When you’re making them decisions, you’ve got to focus on what you want and not what else, because you have so many people saying different things to you. Oh ‘Why is she getting back with him? She should’ve got rid of him ages ago.'

“Obviously I listen to the people that matter to me, my mum and dad, they’ve always given me a positive outlook on things.

"There’s nothing that we can’t deal with, and that’s my way. We’re in a situation, let’s sit down, let’s see what we can do, and can you make it work? And we have.

“We’re not the lovey-dovey type anyway, we like to have a laugh together and we work well together, and we’ve got four kids.

“I know people say, ‘Were they just staying together to keep the family unit together?’

“That was part of it, but also we still love each other. Hopefully he’s learnt and he doesn’t get himself into any of them horrible situations again. But it’s happened and I’ve got to live with it and if I couldn’t cope with living with it, I would’ve ended the relationship."

Former England captain Wayne - who has sons Kai, 12, Klay, eight, Kit, six, and three-year-old Cass with Coleen - has partly blamed alcohol for some of his past "bad decisions", but insisted nothing has taken away his "love for Coleen".

Speaking in his new Amazon documentary 'Rooney', he said: "I put myself in the wrong place. And when you’re in the wrong place and there’s alcohol involved, then you’re going to make bad decisions.

"And you’re going to have to suffer and deal with consequences. That’s what happens. It doesn’t take away any of my love for Coleen.

"It happened, it was a wrong decision to make. I held my hands up and that’s it, we worked through it."

Coleen admitted she hasn't "accepted" some of her husband's past behaviour, but she has "forgiven him".

She said: "I wouldn’t be standing here if I hadn’t forgiven him.

“Life goes on. I’ve not accepted ... I’ve moved on. You’ve moved on.

"The behaviour, it’s not acceptable. Forgiveness is different I would say. It’s not acceptable what he’s done, but it’s happened and that was in the stage of life we were in at the time but we’ve moved on."

As well as being a regular fixture on the back pages for his glittering football career, Wayne has hit the headlines numerous times over his off-field antics, including previously admitting to visiting massage parlours and prostitutes.

Speaking in 2004, he said: "Foolish as it now seems, I did on occasions visit massage parlours and prostitutes. It was at a time when I was very young and immature and before I had settled down with Coleen. I now regret it deeply and hope people may understand it was the sort of mistake you make when you are young and stupid."

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