In the 2001 film Serendipity, Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) meets Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) trying to buy the same pair of black cashmere glovess. They feel an instant mutual attraction...

London - You know you have finally found “The One” when your friends and family like them, too, a new poll claims.

It seems that for women, a partner giving them emotional stability – and getting the thumbs up from their friends and family – makes them want to settle down.

A UK dating site asked 1 000 members to name the physical attributes they look for in their ideal partner, and what would make them realise that they’d met “The One”.

Whereas both men and women desire physical perfection, their responses to the emotional, sexual and personality traits that make up their perfect partner were different.

Sex and physical compatibility was by far the most important reason for for men, whereas it was only the fifth most important reason for women.

Dating expert Helen Croydon said: “The most important thing is that your partner gives you the confidence and freedom to say what you feel and there’s a genuine empathy between you and a shared feeling [of] being wanted.

“People can put too much emphasis on defining the things that make ‘The One’, often at the expense of enjoying the romance of a relationship.

Croydon added: “Obviously if things are good, we hope these feelings will last forever, but if you obsess too much about making that happen, you can forget to enjoy your partner in the first place.

“Finding ‘The One’ is a fun journey, not a checklist that that you have to tick off until you’re satisfied that the destination’s been reached.

“Besides, if things are right, your partner isn’t likely to go anywhere, unless you scare him or her off with a load of checklists.”– Daily Mail


Women know they’ve met ‘the one’ when:

1. He knows how to make me happy and gives me emotional security.

2. My friends and family see in him what I see.

3. He makes the mundane seem interesting.

4. We share the same priorities in life such as wanting/not wanting children.

5. I am attracted to him and we are physically compatible.


Men know they’ve met ‘The One’ when:

1. I am attracted to her and we are physically compatible.

2. I love her so much I do not desire anyone else.

3. She knows how to make me happy and gives me emotional security.

4. We share the same life priorities such as wanting/not wanting children.

5. She will look after me well.