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London - Most women will forgive their partners for cheating once or even twice, but would dump them if they tried it three times, according to a study.

Men, however, are not so forgiving and only just over one in ten would stay with a woman who had strayed.

The research found that more than six in ten women would forgive two relationship ‘errors’ – which include infidelity, excessive flirtatious behaviour or romantic neglect. They would, however, dump their man after three.

A full 53 percent say they would be likely to give their partner another chance even if they found out they had cheated on them, as long as that cheating was a one-off and didn't involve a pro-longed affair, according to a poll of 2,000 British men and women for laundry specialists Dr. Beckmann.

By contrast, only 13 per cent of men would stay with their partner if they discovered they had cheated on them.

Some 89 per cent of the 2,000 men and women surveyed said unfaithfulness was the most difficult problem to recover from in a relationship.

Lack of intimacy and romance and partners spending too much time with their friends or at work are also among the top bugbears from men and women in relationships.

An incredible 38 per cent of all current British relationships have endured infidelity of some kind, according to the study.

Of those, the major reason cited for the relationship's subsequent survival is that, following the infidelity, both partners have agreed to be 'honest, frank and open about their feelings'.

In all but 5 percent of relationships that have survived infidelity, it was the first and only time either partner had been unfaithful.

Susan Fermor spokesman for Dr. Beckmann said: ‘British women are clearly prepared to forgive their partner's indiscretions as long as they are not repeated ad infinitum.

‘Men in the UK get three chances and if they step over the line beyond that then they can kiss goodbye to their relationship.

‘Men are not nearly as forgiving as women in the UK. Only little over one in 10 British males admit they would attempt to carry on if their partner had been unfaithful.’ - Daily Mail