London - The average couple bicker in the bedroom 167 times a year – with nabbing the duvet emerging as the biggest grumble, a survey has found.

Researchers have uncovered a host of annoyances couples face when they’re between the sheets.

The age-old problem of snoring ranks second to yanking the duvet from each other as a reason for a night-time squabble.

One in 10 couples claim to have a bust-up over snoring at least twice a week – with more than half of respondents saying men are the worst culprits.

But 39 percent said the two sexes were as bad as each other, according to the poll by hotel chain Premier Inn.

Other bedroom conflicts include whingeing about being too hot, allowing the children to sleep in the bed, and not being “in the mood”.

Claire Haigh said: “Our research shows most of the arguments couples have in the bedroom are down to habits that are easy to resolve as a relationship develops.

“People suffer from snoring to varying degrees and the research shows how something like snoring can impact on our day to day lives, especially if one person in the relationship is missing out on much-needed sleep.”

The poll found the average person was disturbed nearly twice a week by their partner’s snoring, but one night a week they awakened themselves with their own heavy breathing.

The survey studied 2 000 people, all of whom were in a relationship. Of these, exactly half said their other half snored.

Other bones of contention in the boudoir are allowing children to sleep in the marital bed and venturing on to the wrong side.

Being touched by freezing cold feet is also likely to cause tension, as is the bedroom being too chilly.

The time at which couples go to bed, leaving lights on to read and leaving drinks on the bedside table are also likely to spark a spat, the survey has found.

But it’s no wonder there is confusion – cuddling for too long can cause problems in a relationship, as can not cuddling for long enough. – Daily Mail

What couples fight about

1. Hogging the duvet

2. Snoring

3. Being too hot

4. Not being “in the mood”

5. Allowing kids to sleep in the bed

6. Venturing on to the wrong side of the bed

7. Being too cold

8. Being touched by your partner’s cold feet

9. The time at which you go to bed

10. Leaving a light on to read