An uncontested divorce can cost anything between R800 and R20 000. Picture: Flickr

No couple ever gets married with the inclination to get divorced, but unfortunately many marriages head in this direction.

According to Stats SA, divorces increased from 21 998 in 2012 to 25 326 in 2016, and constitute an increase of 0.3 percent from the 25 260 divorces granted in 2015. 

And while you might be thinking that cutting your loses might be the best solution, there are costs involved which sometimes can run into the thousands.

An uncontested divorce can cost anything between R800 and R20 000. "The cost mostly depends on the complexity of the divorce settlement agreement and the complexity surrounding the care and contact of any minor children," says family law experts

Contested divorce

The costs are heavily dependent on the conduct of the parties, and can cost hundreds of thousands of rands in fees and disbursements. Family law attorneys in a contested divorce may ask anything from R500 to R3 000 per hour.

"In contested divorce proceedings, the attorneys may engage the services of various experts, who will be questioned in an open court under oath."

These expert witnesses often come at huge cost.

Uncontested divorce

If your divorce is uncontested, your attorney will most likely charge a fixed fee for the work done. Most family law attorneys will ask you to pay a retainer or deposit when they take on your case.

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