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Navigating the party season as a singleton is all fun and games... until January dawns and it hits you that Valentine's Day won't be far behind it.  

You've saved a few pennies not having to buy extra presents for an other half, and enjoyed a few kisses under the mistletoe without hurting any feelings.

But if constantly fielding family questions about why you're still single have taken the fun out of it, you still have time to find yourself a special someone before February 14. 

That's according to dating expert Abi Moujaes, based in London, from one of the world's largest dating apps Badoo, who says that while online dating is certainly the way forward for fast connections, it's important to invest time and effort beyond sporadic swiping in order to boost your chances of bagging a partner.
Moujaes  claims you can speed things up by 'peacocking', enlisting the help of your family, and 'being a bit weird'. 

She also recommends putting aside at least a few hours a week to tend to your dating profile, to show off everything you've got going for you and how interesting you are.

"Turning off your notifications and sporadically replying to a few chats you’ve got going, won’t cut it," she said.  

Abi's Expert tips: Be a peacock

This one is for your dating bios. Most people either use self-deprecating humour, just say how tall they are, or are honest but slightly boring; e.g: ‘I love travelling’. 

This doesn’t really scream: ‘I’m a super cool person who’s really open to finding a relationship on here!’ - although that does sound a bit keen. 

Instead, just big yourself up and peacock like crazy. What are your best qualities? What do you love about yourself? Get it down but in an interesting way which leaves the reader thirsty for more. 

Turn ‘I love travelling’ into: ‘I can never turn down a cheeky weekend away but equally won’t ever refuse a cheeky Nandos'.

Pay them compliments, let your guard down, let them know you like them

No-one likes a fluffer (frequent giver of insincere flattery), but everyone is drawn to an honest and heartfelt accolade. So if there’s something you want to tell them, don’t hold back.

Tell embarrassing stories, act silly, have a mini food fight. Basically just let your guard down and be yourself around them and they will feel way more inclined to trust you and be themselves around you too. And if they don’t - they don’t deserve your charm.

It’s not taboo to show someone you like them. When both sides play it as cool as each other you are often left with a frosty online conversation that dies out pretty quickly. 

If you reply back sooner rather than later, they are way more likely to get keen on you too.


Introduce them to your family 

This sounds a bit drastic, but hear me out. Your family are the people who are closest to you and by meeting them your partner will instantly feel closer to you as well.

When you know someone’s background - where they grew up, what their parents are like, how they act with their siblings - that’s when you truly start feeling like you are a part of that person’s life. So make it a Sunday lunch round your mum’s this week.

Wine and dine them

It can be easy to forget about 'courting' your partner in the early months of the year. Your mind is full of office politics, lingering Christmas debt and attempts to ignore the constant barrage of ads about gyms. 

But it’s not all down to your partner to think of fun things to do and try to get you out of January/Monday/general life blues. Studies have found that looking after other people and trying to make other people happy can actually result in an improvement in your own mood as well. 

So spend your spare time planning thoughtful gifts, searching for tickets to that comedian they love, or surprising them with some shiny new sex toys. They’ll appreciate you more and you’ll get happier. Win win.

Start a Netflix series together

There’s nothing that brings two people closer than the joint love of a new TV show. 

The past few years have seen a move away from cooing over romantic-comedies to getting passionate about Mexican drug lords, Brummie gamblers and Winona Ryder looking worried. 

Depending on the length of the series, starting a new show together can be a real sign of commitment as well as a great conversation starter. 

Plus, if you’ve got the Netflix password, that’s just all the more reason for them to stay keen until Valentine's. 

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