The Valentine's spirit might be over to some couples. Picture: Instagram

Valentine's Day is the epitome of our romantic love fantasy. It represents all that we wish love could be and would be 365 days a year.  

 It is certainly a happy occasion for many while for others it may be the end of a happily-ever love story. 

The day is evidently  an opportunity to spend time with that special someone and to generate more beautiful memories, show your love or feel loved. 

With Valentine's Day being a week passed some might begin to lose their spark of a happily-ever-after, we are seeing that trending on our Twitter feeds under the hashtag: #HowToLoseYourBabe. 

We still not quite sure were this trend originated but it certainly gives some hilarious ways to break up with your partner. 

Here are some of the hilarious posts from tweeps on how to lose your babe:

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