The book's synopsis reads: 'For the first time, discover the traits and characteristics of every type of man you have ever met.'

London - Psychologist Martyn Stewart has set out to help women worldwide with his new book, Why Men Really Cheat.

Using brain analysis, anonymous case studies and maths, he has calculated the personality types most likely to cheat, and assesses and explains the reasoning behind their actions.

“Our society is built on ease. It aims to satiate selfish needs,” he writes.

Stewart, who has more than 15 years of experience in psychology – focusing especially on human relationships and cognitive psychology – cites men’s top reasons for cheating as: fear of missing out, seeking recognition that they are a certain “somebody”, and seeking gratification through compulsive drives.

So, which five types of men should you avoid to save having your heart broken?

First up is The Lad’s Lad, the type of man who loves getting drunk and is easily influenced by his friends in the pub: he is the most likely to do the dirty on you.

There’s also The Manipulator – who’s calculating, secretive and rather sneaky.

Then there are The Stupid Mistake, the man who acts first and thinks later, and The Opportunist, whose carefree attitude means he will take the chance to cheat as and when it comes along.

Finally, there’s The Disdainer – one of the worst kinds. He is a classic misogynist, lacking any form of empathy with his girlfriend, but will happily sympathise with the other girl he’s texting.

Stewart spoke to 547 men from all walks of life in their natural habitat – whether in a pub or the gym’s changing room – for the book.

There are 27 types, and each one has been calculated according to their brain type, thought process and environment (a complex formula called BET).

The book’s synopsis reads: “For the first time, discover the traits and characteristics of every type of man you have ever met. No matter what your opinion of men is, you will never look at them the same way again. Addressing the number one relationship killer that has tormented women for centuries..” The synopsis adds that even men have been baffled by their behaviour.

Stewart’s book has been such a hit he’s now looking into why women really cheat. – Daily Mail