Her only mistake was to ask him to pick up a pack of tampons. Picture: Flickr.com

What happens when you ask your boyfriend to buy your tampons? 

He responds with a picture, asking "lemon or lime?" Twitter users were left in stitches this week when one user @broganpaget posted a conversation she had with her boyfriend. 

Her only mistake was to ask him to purchase a pack of tampons.

Radio 702 first caught wind of the post after it went viral. And Twitter users had a field day, causing it to have more than 135 000 retweets and 915 000 likes in a few days.

Below are just some of the quirky responses:

Recently, Sho Madjozi teamed up with Stayfree for #InSyncWithMadjozi by creating a fun video for social media. 

In the video, she's standing in a shopping aisle. "Welcome to the loneliest aisle where we buy tampons and pads," she shouts. Her reason for doing the campaign was to stop the stigma associated with menstruation and pads.