Screenshot from the Deluxe Comfort website.

London - There's no need to feel lonely this Christmas, whether you have a man in your life or not.

All those hunting for a burly pair of arms to snuggle into at night need search no more... thanks to the Boyfriend Pillow.

This machine-washable cushion is made out of memory foam, and shaped to resemble one arm and one half of a shirted chest.

It is perfect, according to American manufacturer Deluxe Comfort website, for “singles who desire to feel the touch of a man without actually having to be with one”, and “people whose partner is away on military leave or work absence”.

The 2lb pillow, available in the UK online at Wayfair for £35.99 (about R500), allows the user to wrap themselves in the nook of an arm and be cuddled to sleep, and would be 'a great gift for a friend or relative with a good sense of humour that would love to have a little more cuddling at night'.

The pillow-makers continue: “As any woman, you want to feel the embrace of a real man, but would like to avoid the snoring, smell, tossing and turning. That is the reason this pillow is perfect for you! The Boyfriend Body Pillow resembles the torso of a big strong man with a comforting arm that cuddles you.”

And if any men are, at this point, beginning to feel left out of all the fun....fear not! Deluxe Comfort have also created the Girlfriend Pillow.

Priced at an even more economical $24.95 (£15.69) - perhaps because it is wearing no clothes - the pink-breasted comforter has raised eyebrows in the pillow-loving community's feminist subdivision for its pinkness, its nakedness and the fact it is wearing a Marigold washing up glove on its solitary hand. - Daily Mail