Artem Chigvintsev, left, and Nikki Bella arrive at the Teen Choice Awards in 2019. Picture: AP
Artem Chigvintsev, left, and Nikki Bella arrive at the Teen Choice Awards in 2019. Picture: AP

Nikki Bella admits her relationship with Artem Chigvintsev has been 'a struggle'

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Nov 13, 2020

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Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev will start attending couple’s therapy with their “life coach” once Artem finishes this season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

The couple - who recently welcomed their first son, Matteo - have been struggling to cope with the time spent apart from one another whilst Artem has been at work as a professional dancer on the show.

And to help them get back on track, 36-year-old Nikki has revealed they plan on opening up a line of communication between them once he finishes filming.

She said: “I would be lying to say, ‘Oh, it’s great.’ It has definitely been a struggle for us. It’s hard. We have so many ups and downs. It’s been so difficult on our relationship because I need so much from him, but he’s, like, torn between his job that requires so much from him and then us at home.”

The former professional wrestler previously opened up on experiencing post-postpartum depression after the birth of Matteo in late July, and added it was important for her to talk to Artem about her struggle, so she didn’t feel so alone.

She added: “I just told him, like, ‘I need more attention from you,’ and that is something we’ve worked on, and that’s gotten better. Artem and I have great communication, but it’s been lacking, but that’s something that we’ve been so strong about in our relationship [in the past].”

Nikki confirmed she and her 38-year-old fiancé will be attending couple’s therapy following the finale of Artem’s ABC show, to make sure they continue “listening to each other”.

She explained to Us Weekly magazine: “It’s with our life coach. After ‘Dancing’, we’re going to start classes as a couple because we’ve realised that we both feel like we’re not listening to each other. … We finally both just said, like, ‘We need to bring someone in to help us so we don’t get [back] into that place.’ ”

Meanwhile the ‘Total Bellas’ star recently said she felt particularly lonely after Artem headed to Los Angeles for work, leaving her with Matteo in Phoenix, Arizona.

She explained: “I didn’t realise at week seven, you kind of come out of your baby blues and … go two different paths. You go the path of being healthy or you go down the path of being depressed, and that depression path can be a really dark, deep hole. I was starting to feel invisible. … It just started to build up. Being alone with Matteo and just feeling lonely and not loved and invisible.”

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