Too little physical activity has long been recognised as bad for health and recently researchers have focused on the effect of too long spent sitting down.

London - Love is all you need, the Beatles said. But these days it helps if you have a computer too.

Online dating is becoming one of the most popular ways to find a partner.

More than nine million Britons are thought to have logged on looking for a perfect match.

They are contributing to a business that last year generated £170-million for the UK economy. That’s the highest turnover of any European nation last year, ahead of Germany with £164-million and France with £99-million.

Such is the demand here that Britain has produced 1,500 of Europe’s 5,000 dating websites. We also offer the most “diverse” range, from “cougar dating” for men seeking older women, to “uniform dating”, in which users look for partners in the Armed Forces.

The figures, which come from Metaflake, a company that reviews online dating agencies, also show the UK market jumped six percent last year.

Chief executive Henning Wiechers said: “In the UK there is a longer tradition of using online dating and people are willing to spend more.” - Daily Mail