Romance blooming between Sarah Langa and Jacob Zuma’s ex-son-in-law Lonwabo Sambudla?

Sarah Langa. Picture: Instagram

Sarah Langa. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 24, 2023


Cupid’s arrow has struck Jacob Zuma’s former son-in-law and a popular internet personality.

News filtering in is that Lonwabo Sambudla, who was married to Dudu Zuma, has now found love after several flings with popular slay queens and well-known socialites.

According to a report by entertainment gossip blogger Maphepha Ndaba, Sambudla had decided to settle down with popular blogger Sarah Langa.

Although Langa and Sambudla have reportedly decided to keep their relationship under wraps, a source close to the matter said that the couple confirmed they are now in a serious relationship.

Langa, who is happy to have found love, cannot stop posting on her social media.

Langa documented her moments with Sambudla cleverly and made sure people do not suspect the two are an item.

File photo: Lonwabo Sambudla and his ex-wife Duduzile Zuma before the traditional wedding. PHOTO: SIAYBONMGA MOSUNKUTU/ANA Pics

Ndaba said they received a tip-off from a top mainstream publication journalist that the two are now an item.

The entertainment blogger wrote: “Top mainstream publication journalist we won’t mention here, whispered to Maphepha about this love affair in a hope that we break the news first, well in @maphephandaba style we did just that.

“I’m so happy for her finally she can now shop at diamond walk frequently, says a source close to Langa. She’s back in the game, says another.”

Meanwhile, in 2022, Langa moved to the United Kingdom to be closer to her alleged lover.

At the time, Langa kept her Instagram followers updated about her life in London.

She was once married to controversial businessman Jehan MacKay in 2017.

MacKay filed for divorce a little over two years later in September 2021. Langa walked away with millions from the marriage.

Sambudla separated from his wife Dudu Zuma hardly five years into a marriage which made headlines.